Legitimate Work from Home

More and more people are making the move from working outside the hone to working at home. Since the work at home job market has grown considerably, many types of businesses are offering to help start people out in business. Many of these companies are hard working people like us, who just want to make a living. If you put "free work at home job" in your Internet search, you will have lots of potential jobs to search in no time. Forums on free work at home jobs are extremely helpful in finding jobs. They are also helpful in identifying scams and potentially illegitimate offers that might get you into real trouble. Some of the potential ways you can make money with no investment or minimal investment are EBay sales, typing, writing, transcription, online clerical services, and data entry services. Some companies want you to answer the phone for them and take orders. Depending on your computer knowledge, you could even build websites for people. Spend some time looking on a few of the free work at home job websites and forums for more ideas that might interest you. Unfortunately, there are a few people out there who want to take advantage of potential business owners.

When looking for a new business opportunity, look for businesses that are free and legitimate. Some businesses that advertise that they are free and legitimate are just that. But for the most part, if an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably has some kind of catch to it that will be a problem for you and your business later. If you want to make money for yourself and for family, research your options very well.

There are many ways to protect yourself from scam artists who want to take advantage of you if they can. Knowledge is your best defence. Research the person or company offering you a seemingly irresistible offer. Asking questions is an excellent way to protect you from would-be scammers. Ask the company specific questions about the opportunity they offer. If the answers are vague, consider yourself warned. If you are not sure about the company even after you ask questions, check with an online work at home forum. There are some great online work at home forums, from which information about potential online business scams is shared. If other people have had problems with a work at home offer, you probably want to avoid that company.

There are some actual free offers for legitimate work at home. Do your homework, and you will soon be able to tell the real, helpful sites from the fake sites that are potentially dangerous. One website may say that you can fill out surveys and make money. This is true in some cases. One type of job like this will allow you to work for free if you fill out surveys, but you will only be paid a few dollars per survey. Also, surveyors are screened for age and gender, so not everyone will be able to fill out every survey. This is a fun way to make a few dollars. However, if you want to make some serious part time money, filling out surveys will probably not help you out very much. Beware! Some survey sites actually want you to sign up for services or to buy something from a company. A few of these sites want you to sign up for the free trial for their product. You will not get paid for signing up for this product until you have paid the company for their product. In this case, do not pay anyone to take his or her surveys. If you do, you have been scammed. Also, some companies state that you can win a big prize if you fill out their survey. Usually you have to sign up to receive several other items, subscriptions and so on before you are even entered into a drawing for the grand prize. It will only take about 2 clicks of the computer screen to figure out that this site is a scam. Plus, you will get more spam on your email than you ever dreamed of in your worst nightmares.

Some online, home-based offers are not particularly profitable. Others are deceptive. And others are down right illegal. Direct Mail Services are some of the oldest work at home scams around. The Direct Mail Service offers the dubious opportunity for their unsuspecting customers to make money either addressing or stuffing envelopes. Beware of any version of this offer. It is almost always a fraud and a scam. The company will probably pay you a specific amount for stuffing or addressing the envelopes. They will also charge you for their list of customers. What they do not tell you is that you have to buy your own materials for the project. Computer labels, envelopes, and other supplies are not supplied by the company. You are responsible for purchasing them. By the time you are done stuffing the envelopes, the pay you receive is less that the amount of money you put out for supplies.

There are many variations on the Direct Mail Services scheme. Study any offer for work carefully. If you have to pay to work, the project is probably a scam. Also, Direct Mail Marketers want you to provide a list of potential new customers for them. Do not provide them with a list of new potential victims. If true information about Direct Marketing Scams is spread, they will go out of business soon enough. There may be honest Direct Marketing Services out there, but no matter how desperate you are feeling, avoid Direct Marketing offers. It's just not worth the risk.

One of the other variations on Direct Marketing scams is an offer to send you either the materials or instructions for assembling products at home. These companies advertise that they will buy the products you make. If you take the company up on their offer, you will probably receive the materials and training that you ordered. However, these companies have supposedly high standards. Be warned that few people, if any, ever reach the standards of these companies. What the company considers to be substandard products are rejected, and you are out the money you paid.

Another scam available to unsuspecting work at home business owner is advertised as an easy part time job. You are requested to let a person from some far away country send you money to be placed in your bank account for safe keeping. These potential scammers claim that all they need is a safe place to store their money in your country. Of course, what they really want is your bank account number and any other personal information they can get from you. With this information, they can take your hard-earned money and illegally use your credit information. You will discover that almost anyone who wants your bank account number or other personal information merely wants to take your money and abuse your credit.

Please carefully research any company who offers something that is too good to be true. Offers for free services usually have some sort of moneymaking concept in mind down the line somewhere. Most free offers exist to entice you to a website to buy something. Other sites or offers, unfortunately, are illegitimate scams from unscrupulous companies trying to steal your money.